Strategic export markets on the radar at Hispack


As part of the plan to attract international visitors to Hispack 2022, this year the show continues to collaborate with amec on a specific project to activate the radar in 14 markets with the aim of locating and inviting around 500 international buyers and 70 guests with technology prospecting, purchasing or investment projects for Spanish packaging, processing and logistics machinery, equipment and materials to the show. Exporting companies participating in the event will be able to schedule interviews and business meetings with these selected professionals through Hispack’s foreign promotion actions, which aim to provide highly qualified international visitors.

In addition to the direct promotional activities that Hispack carries out together with its many international delegations, this year the joint focus with amec has been centred on Latin America, Europe and the Mediterranean area. For this purpose, direct promotion actions are being carried out in Chile—this edition’s guest of honour—, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Poland, France, Turkey, Greece, Morocco and Tunisia. Communication with the Nordic countries has also intensified in recent months, particularly with Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Latin America has a historically and culturally closer relationship, as well as the shared language, while in the case of the Mediterranean countries, geographical proximity is a determining factor. The Nordic countries have also emerged as an area with considerable potential for Spanish packaging industry exports. In terms of sectors, efforts to attract buyers have centred around food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and cosmetics.

Objective: quality buyers

In collaboration with amec envasgraf, Hispack has developed an internationalisation plan adapted to the current situation to attract more high-quality-profile visitors. The aim is to schedule as many meetings as possible within the fair context, which could generate more sales abroad for Spanish packaging. Through the Hosted Buyers programme, i.e. international buyers invited directly by the organisers, more than 400 business meetings are expected to take place.

Carmina Castellà, Director of amec envasgraf, and Xavier Pascual,
Director of Hispack, at the webinar “Unpack the spanish innovation” on 21 April 2021.

Hispack acts as an effective social platform between the exhibition offer and demand. And to be more effective, it focuses on the needs of these visitors and their main areas of interest.

Generally speaking, the international visitors contacted are looking for novel packaging process technology for their production operations, as well as any innovations that will improve their products and their profitability in the medium to long term. According to Sonia Fernández, director of the Projects Unit at amec,the majority of international buyers, regardless of where they come from, are looking for innovations and technologies that help them improve their competitive edge, as well as the sustainability and traceability of their operations’.

Visitor search process

The action plan promoted by amec’s different international delegations has intensified in recent months, although the internationalisation programme has been in place for more than two years and has been adapted to the evolution of the pandemic.

Diego Guri, Deputy General Manager of amec,
with Marcelo Meneghello, Chairman of CENEM.

First, and in a general way, an extensive programme was carried out to raise awareness about the fair, which amec calls ‘fine rain’, disseminating the Hispack brand through different large-scale and transversal communications in order to reach as many contacts as possible.

Second, we work in tandem with local entities thanks to close contact with business entities (Chambers of Commerce, employers’ or multi-sector associations). These are used to advertise the show’s programme for international visitors and the exhibition’s valuable range of exhibits. Simultaneously, amec also works with professional associations that group potential visitors by sectors such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and chemicals, to name but a few. The approach is carried out through meetings and specific presentations, as well as working together with the potential buyer to define the offer and contents within the fair that provide them with added value.

Presentation of the Mexican Delegate at the Monthly Meeting of
the CANAINCA Technical Committee (National Chamber of the Canned Food Industry).

In recent months, amec envasgraf has also been developing training activities based on the explanation of case studies of companies that have implemented technological process improvements, as a sample of what visitors can find at Hispack. Courses on sustainable packaging and circular economy are also being organised in different countries. These courses have different sessions, the last of which will be held at the show, followed by a networking session to find ad hoc solutions.

Hispack virtual onsite training programme.

Third, the association directly contacts companies that might be interested in travelling to the fair and follows up on a case-by-case basis.


These are by no means all those who are coming, but they are certainly a representative sample of the professionals who have already confirmed their visit to Hispack. Their first impressions and what they expect to find at the show serve as a compass to detect some of the most sought-after interests and trends at Hispack.

‘It’s a great opportunity to keep up to date with packaging innovation. We are building innovation and this fair will allow us to advance further and to adapt our processes to the new technologies in the sector.’

Catalina Velásquez—Assistant Manager—Colombia—River Cheese

‘We are interested in finding solutions for packaging and product distribution, as well as innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, process lines and packaging operations.’

Juan Guillermo Toro Lopez—Product Development Manager Lácteos Betania

‘We seek to explore alternatives from reliable suppliers with state-of-the-art technology who are aligned with our strategy of sustainable profitability, generating added value and recognition for our brands.’

Santiago Salazar Bolaños—Head of Research and Development Ríopaila Castilla S.A

‘Hispack’s proposal is very interesting for those of us who work in the tuna canning industry. It gives us access to new packaging technologies, innovations in processing machinery, and new tracking and tracing systems. Besides innovation, we will be able to network.’

Leonardo Jiménez Ramos—of Supply Chain Director—Marindustrias Group—Mexico


Cristina Benavides, Hispack contributor