The Flex Rack system pays for itself in a year


Austria based Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach is using BOBST flatbed die-cutting machines and the innovative Flex Rack system to reduce set-up times.“We are faced with the challenge of producing more efficient short print runs and at the same time, conversely facing intense pressure from competitors running large print runs. We are therefore continuously looking to optimise our complete production process,“ states the CEO of Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach (OSD), Eduard Fischer. “This can ultimately only be achieved through consistent automation of all process steps and their use.”

Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach in Vorarlberg employs 350 people and sees itself as a specialist in the production and finishing of fine cardboard boxes and labels. 25,000 tons of cardboard and paper are processed every year. In 2018, the company achieved a consolidated turnover of Euro 90 million. Its customers include companies in the consumer goods industry, premium manufacturers of confectionery, luxury and cosmetic products and other Non-Food areas, as well as international trading companies. Seventy per cent of its output goes to export.

Set-up in two minutes
It is often the small things in business life which make a difference and have a huge effect. OSD views the Flex Rack system in exactly this way – an optional non- stop system which significantly simplifies set-up work on BOBST flatbed die-cutting machines. “We are often running many different types of jobs and, four years ago, we began searching for a solution to reduce the set-up times of the non-stop delivery system,” stated Johannes Knapp, Chief Technical Officer.

With the innovative approach of the Flex Rack system, which was tested at ODS on a die-cutter in 3B format with a blank separating station, it was demonstrated that the set-up time could be shortened by approximately ten minutes. Paul Landal who manages die cutting at ODS said: “Adjustment of the non-stop system only took about two minutes and highlighted the simple handling of the solution.”


Payback in just one year
The existing system’s loose rods can be replaced by a Flex Rack system within a day and the number of Flex Rack swords can be adapted to cover the required maximum sheet width of the actual die-cutter. Flex Rack can be retrofitted on to virtually all BOBST die-cutters with a blanking station. After successful testing, five BOBST die-cutters at ODS were retrofitted with the Flex Rack system. As ODS is entering into the field of large-size printing, it was clear from the very beginning that the EXPERTCUT 145 PER should be fitted with a Flex Rack system. “When running large format jobs, the reduction in set-up times is even more noticeable,“ stated Johannes Knapp assuring us that the Flex Rack system pays for itself within a year when running four jobs a day.